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06 October 2009 @ 03:58 pm
painting.... and sewing. i haven't done anything crafty or artsy lately and i feel dried out..... physically and mentally.

pops-in-law is in town this week and james is going to pick him up after his class is over. i don't know what is really planned for the night.

tomorrow i will silk screen the new HA logo onto evan's hoodie for him. in exchange he will suck my non-existant dick. yay.

i hate that the doc. office doesnt answer calls or pick up your call after youre on hold for 15 minutes, or even pick them up after you hang up and call them back again and again and again and again.

i want pastries from solvang. asap.

i should start on my halloween costume... i can't wait to carve my pumpkin!
21 July 2009 @ 06:34 pm

i dont know if i mentioned that we have a new dog. well, there, i said it! his name is rusty. he's pretty majestic looking. half german sheppard and golden retriever. nice guy. a licker and follows the heck out of me. my mom brought him home... impulsively. she's been doing stuff like that A LOT lately. sometimes it's neat, other times you wish she wouldn't. for instance, the dog. it's neat cause it's like "yay! a dog!" but also it's like "ohh... yay, another dog..." cha know? yeah. it's neat cause he's a good dog and all, but incredibly unnecessary because we already have like 1 million pets in this house and it's getting a bit out of control.... PLUS, my mom is trying to "fix up the house" yet she brings home pets that'll just "dirty up the place and make more work." she's a very contradictive person. pretty frustrating at times. man.... and don't even get me started on how she's redecorating the house. it's pretty horrible. i mean, she can have some good ideas... but when she tries to use them all in the same room? yeah, doesn't look pretty. the walls are ugly as hell. they don't even match or make sense. she replaced her kids pictures on the wall with two movie posters. and theyre not even classic movie posters. pretty lame. she hangs some pretty trashy things around the house...... she tries to pick and theme and goes overboard and then all these ideas mesh into one pile of nonsense.

it's very hard to explain unless you see the place. and i blame ALLLL of it on the site FreeCycler.com. it's the devil. well, it's the devil in the sense that it's turning my house all ugly. just because something is free doesnt mean you NEED it. she tends to think that. she brings home some stupid things. she brought home this huge fake tree thing.... for what??? it's stupid. and she stuck it in the KITCHEN of all place. the kitchen, really?? next to the dining table. it's ugly, and stupid. i dunno. i can go on and on about her horrific decorating ideas. basically, she's putting the house together like a 12 year old would have decorated their room and it's pretty embarrassing. i know she's like in this mid-life crisis and trying to do things she probably couldnt have when she was married to my dad... and now that she's got all this time and freedom, she's spewing it all out at once onto the living room walls and kitchen. she probably things that my friends will come over and think "hey, she the hip and cool mom" but really, they all think it looks pretty ridiculous. that's why i never bring people over anymore. there is NOTHING cool about the way the house looks. if i went to my friends house and saw that their parent decorated the house with a bunch of 'modern' teenage things that a 22 year old guy would decorate his bachelor pad with, i'd feel awkward and wonder who the adults in the house really were.


okay. i rekcon that is all i will complain about. i sort of got on a rant there, didn't i?


yep. and i am leaving it at that! ha!

16 July 2009 @ 05:31 pm

when i'm home alone, bored, handy with a sewing needle and india ink and old crappy VHS movies to watch, i tend to do stuff like this....

recognize that, Watchmen fans??

ps- sorry for the crappy mobile shot.........

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15 July 2009 @ 03:26 pm

yesterday was my birthday and it was pretty magnificent.....

just incase you were wondering, pineapple and jalapenos are the best pizza toppings.... together of course. nothing beats sweet and spicy and if you don't like pizza, there is definitely something wrong with you.

i started my period today..... and am completely out of tampons. UGH. i don't dare wear a granny diaper or stick wadded up toilet paper in my shorts either.

time for a hummus snack and a nap.


happy birthday dad!

13 July 2009 @ 07:20 pm

i finally took my car into the shop today.... my check engine light has been on since... hmm, i dont know, march?? yeah, that's real hard procrastination. i went to the same old 'japanese car repair' place i usually do. the guys who work there are nice and they don't mess around. of course, the light was on again cause it's just the way the car was programmed by the dealership or whatever. so it was nothing. i wasnt even at the auto shop for more than 3 minutes. twas nice.

uuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhh, so tomorrow is my birthday. totally doesnt seem like it. it's pretty weird. normally the funness builds up and then it's like "wheee! it's mah barfday!" but this year didn't go that way, and i'm totally okay with that. growing up sucks.

also about tomorrow.... at work we are taking half the class out to go on a train ride. i'm kinda excited but also nervous. i've never been on a train before. like a REAL train. it's neat cause it'll be my first time but i am also scared shitless because trains sort of scare me.... well, they scare me a lot in fact. and then not only that, but we are going to have to be luggin around wheelchairs and ryan is probably gonna run off from the group to check out every bathroom in site or something. i wish i were less worried about the train ride. i mean, we are only riding into the next town over to hang out there for a few hours and then come back and have the students back to class in time to load them onto their buses. i always imagined my first train ride to be like the polar express. i wish it snowed here..... i would totally love it if tom hanks served me hot chocolate on a mystical train ride during a dark and snowy christmas night. mm, yeah. OR a train ride like the hogwarts express, haha. a candy cart? totally rad. i mean, c'mon. it is and you know it. i would totally eat booger, vomit and ear waxed flavor jelly beans if it meant a sweet train ride. wouldn't you??

k, well, i really want to build a fort soon. or something fun like that. i have this huge hill in my backyard and totally neglect it. but i guess manual labor in this blazing hot weather doesnt seem so appetizing either. maybe i will just build an old fashioned tent outta sheets, patio chairs and cloths pins and have a picnic in my backyard and then camp in it over night. s'mores cooked with the chiminea. mm, yeah.

alright, well, sorry for the completely boring entry. my rice is done cooking now, so i must be off to tastey things.


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10 July 2009 @ 06:08 pm

Chase really thinks easter is just as boring as i do.


time for some thai food eatin'!


10 July 2009 @ 05:13 pm

i hate to sound like a broken record, but i keep forgetting about this thing and then magically one day out of a few months i think "hmm, i wonder what madness is going on on lj...?" and as always.... nothing. this thing is pretty dead. to. me.

i'm trying to be good about revisiting sites i use to go on a lot daily. like this.... aaaannnnddd my etsy store. i got a bit too busy being a grown up n all to really have the time to craft thingys. it's pretty sad. all my crap was laying around the kitchen. eventually my mom got a little sick and tired of seeing it and so i packed everything up and away. my etsy store pretty much 'closed'. i havent done anything on there for months and all the items i had listed eventually expired. i have crap tons of boxes full of finished items. i'm to the point where i just give 'em all away to friends for gifts or just cause. i mostly like sending them as a envelope stuffer (if that's even a term?) for my fun pen pals.


speaking of pen pals, one is out of town and i'm itching for some fun home made letters..... my other pen pal is in the process of moving so i'm kinda scared to send anything just incase it doesn't reach her. i need more fun pen pals. i have so much crap and stationay that's just aching to be written and scribbled on and glitter and confetti waiting to plot a surprise attack on somebodys floor when they open the envelope.

i have the entire month of august off from work until the fall semester begins. maybe during that time i have off i will start up my crafting nonsense again. i wish i was a better sewer. i'm good with hand stitching....... on another note, i was talking with my co-worker today and we were talking about decorating and some other lady nonsense and talking about it made me miss doing crafty stuff. in our conversation i actually came up with a fun project idea. but who knows.

blaaah, and i hate my camera. well, i actually hate the program on the computer that is suppose to upload the photos onto the computer. it's a piece of junk, but i'm too lazy to learn how to fix it. i need an upgrade in life. i guess i am on my way....... i installed a new door knob for my room. yippy! i felt so handy with a phillips screwdriver. i feel like i just need a better camera and computer and maybe things would be a bit more easier in life? james got me a new guitar for my birthday and i am extremely excited!!!! i don't know when it's going to arrive, but i am watching through the peephold for mr. ups man to deliver it. (i guess a new guitar is another step in my needed upgrade in life). oh, and the guitar is coming with a hardshell case!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i know that's pretty geeky of me to be excited about, but my last few guitars all had the soft cases and those suck. uhm, uhm..... now what i want to do is sell my half stack crate and then invest in a fender deluxe amp. i'm so over my bigger is better punk rock days. i only got my half stack impulsively cause when HA started out i thought a huge amp would be badass for playing shows with.... now, 6 years later and that band going down the shitter, it's pretty unnecessary and it's a pretty lame amp. well, it's not a bad amp, but i'm kind of over the sound of it. it reminds me too much of metal. and a fender amp gives off more of a clean rock n roll-y sort of sound.  so yeah..... another 'upgrade in my life' goal i'm going to try working towards. and once i get that sorted out (and even before that, i'm sure), james and i are going to start up our husband and wife duo music project. of course, i am going to leave all the music writing up to him and then i'll just hop on with whatever i got. he's more creative than me and understand scales better than me. i can do things... i just don't understand the linguistics, haha.

do i ever make sense?!


la la la l aaaaaasldaslkdal!!

i'm just ranting about nothing.

uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhh. open diary.com probably things i'm a traitor right now. but it can eat a bowl of dicks. yum!

on another-notha note, i'm super P.O.'ed that Target doesnt carry polaroid film anymore! i heard rumor that it's going to be no more soon?? target seemed to get that memo. and it's truly heartbreaking. i have about 4 more exposures in my polaroid camera left, but want to use them wisely.

god damn, i hate technology.

this entry is getting unbearably long and boring. it's not like anybody is reading this, so i can type and type and type about nothing and know one else but me will ever know what the hell was going through my brain for the last, oh, 10 minutes i've been sitting here jamming away at the keyboard.

i wish there was a breeeeze right now... them windchimes in the backyard would be cozy to hear right now instead of the a/c blasting away in the kitchen. fun shit. really. it's getting way too hot now. june was fabulous because it was pretty much overcast the entire month. my favorite type of weather. it's so cozy. i wish i had a wrap around porch to hang out on. with a bench swing or some sort of wooden rocking chair with a cozy cushin you can curl up on and just enjoy the grey blanket in the sky covering the city.

i also wish that simi valley wasnt such a boring ass place and that i had some more cool friends to do shit with and not feel so self-conscious around. actually, i'd probably be better off doing things myself.

4 days in counting until my birthday.

23 yeard old. that's frightening. i thought 22 seemed old. now it's nothing but down hill from here. there's nothing left to look forward to (age wise). well, i can rent a car when i'm 25, but whoopy-doo! i need a NEW CAR (NOTE: upgrade in life goal #5). i want a prius. hey, did i mention my birthday is coming up?? yeah? well, maybe you should get that new car for me *bats lashes*

oh yeah, but back to my age. 23. the number 23. shit, in 7 years i will be 30. oh gawd. 30's suppose to be a good age, right? thirty, flirty and thriving?? isn't that the saying? no... i'm just thinking of that movie 13 going on 30. lots of Thriller dancing going on in that movie and that is pretty wonderful. i need to start Moonwalking again. if only i had some black loafers... and a not so shitty kitchen floor....


alright, i reckon i am finished here. maybe i will come back in another 5 months to check up on the nothing that is still going on on here.

we shall see.




this is still really funny to me.....

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18 February 2009 @ 06:51 pm
go fuck yourself.
06 October 2008 @ 01:38 pm

i ended up getting a bike on saturday.
after tweeking it around, james and i went on a bike ride around the 'hood.
i havent been on a bike in a long time. it was a little weird at first.
i also don't have gears on mine, so it was extra work when going up hill.
it's good exercise and oh lordy, do i need that.
my ass and thighs were sore the next morning.
that's usually a good sign for me.....cause i know it's working!

i MIGHT get another tattoo today.
surpriiiiiise.... surpriseeee.
it's a MAYBE though.
it's in exchange for doing dreadlocks.
even trade i'd say?

moving on to more serious things.....
cause if you haven't: DO IT.
it's really important. this election is crucial!
please don't write it off or be too elite punk rock to vote.
if you really wanna be reaaaallly punk rock and fight this
"fucked and corrupt system" then start it off by VOTING!
don't leave it up to 55+ year old conservatives to voice
their opinions only.
if youre gonna be too punk rock and NOT vote and
just hang out drinking yr mickeys in the alley sporting
your expensive patch covered leather jacket and bitch
about how the president is dumb, then youre fucking DUMB
and dont deserve to live and bitch about something
you didn't even simply help make a difference.
you arrogant pricks.

also- do you know how privileged this country is to
be able to CHOOSE who they want to run their country?
not many other countries get that opportunity.....
so fucking go and register and vote and make a difference.
at least try and keep MCCAIN and PALIN

OUT of office.
they scare me shitless.

on a LIGHTER note... go see Burn After Reading.
the Coen brother sure do know how to make me smile.

30 September 2008 @ 11:05 am
i have the day off for a holiday i don't even celebrate.
i've been sitting around in my underwear.

i want to make some stuff. i fired up my sewing machine again last night a made a few things.
i want to alter this sweet night gown i found at fishy finds. i want to make it more into a cute babydoll dress.
i want to buy a bike..... i wish my roller skates didnt suck so much right now. theyre fun, but scary.... i think they were home made. theyre neat as hell, but it's like the "alignment" on them is off or something... cause the left skate will veer off to the left real bad and put me way off balance. and it just makes it more tiring cause i have to worry about that... plus i think the wheels need some adjusting... they don't roll tooooo smoothly.

why can't the rain and the cold weather come quicker? i'm sick of this heat and humidity.
i want to be able to wear jacket and sweaters and scarves again!
(i really don't understand people who literally wear all 3 at the same time in 100 degree weather...yes, they exist!)

i got paid today.
i was having nightmares that i wouldnt have enough money to pay off all my bills.
when i checked my account online i was relieved that i have enough.
i gotta make sure i manage my money a lot better this month.
i hate getting paid monthly. it's a pain in the ass.
i also need to budget out what amount of money i will NEED to spend..... i mean, i gotta set aside enough for my costume for halloween, and for groceries and of course, a bike. i don't want anything too crazy. just something simple to ride around on. the exercise would be nice too. i don't care for certain "brand" bikes or all the bells and whistles.... as long as it works and doesnt give me a seat wedgie, it's all good. i think target's my best bet for that sort of bike.

while i was crafting last night, i was watching "Teeth" on my computer through Netflix. it was pretty good. hilarious actually.
vagina dentata!

check it out if you like bloody dicks.

on that note, i need to color my hair and then get ready to leave.
haylee's cutting my hair.... and god knows i need a hair cut.
i mean, no one else knows better than god....right?

i'm going to hell.